Paranormal fiction in 2010

When in a bookstore, it is hard to ignore the overwhelming amount of publicity that the Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer, is receiving.

One is surrounded by numerous copies of Ms. Meyer’s bestselling novels along with Hollywood’s recent film adaptations of the series and the media’s opinions.  Ever since the publication of Twilight, vampire novels in young adult literature have received a steady boost in sales and popularity.  The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith have been recently republished and the author is now continuing the “finished” series with several new volumes.  First-time young adult literature authors are publishing original, common, or uncommon outtakes on the subject of vampirism and its aspects.  Werewolf novels are also in the spotlight.

Today’s top fantasy novels for teens either relate to vampires or werewolves.  Other fantasy literature for young adults is, sadly, ignored and lying unread on bookshelves.  Ms. Meyer’s bestsellers have influenced the turn of the young adults’ group toward literature and its various genres.  The question is if young adult literature will re-assert itself without the clinging shadow of vampire novels.

Original review: Young adults now love vampire novels,


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