Review: “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty is one of the greatest novels ever written about horses.  The author, Anna Sewell, devoted her entire life to the novel’s creation, which was the first narrative written from a horse’s point of view.

Black Beauty is an extraordinary horse who must endure the injustice and cruelty inflicted upon him by many humans. Black Beauty’s patient Christ-like suffering is briefly rewarded by the appearances of a few noble and kind owners who are all tragically torn away from him as a result of their own misfortunes. Black Beauty never resorts to outward rebellion against any evil that he encounters, unlike his beloved Ginger, who turns violent when mistreated.

The author graphically depicts the exploitation and abuse of horses by the human race. A noteworthy trait in Sewell’s work is her remarks about God and how Jerry, one of the characters, was devoted to his religious beliefs, which strongly reflected on his personality and his just treatment of Black Beauty. The author’s fluid writing style is accentuated by the honesty of the heart-breaking descriptions. There are many cinematic adaptations of Black Beauty, but the powerful film released in 1994, despite the difficult task to portray all the events visually, remained loyal to the original text.

Original review: The voices of horses are heard through a writer’s masterpiece,


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