Review: The best Latin textbooks

There are various Latin textbooks on the current market that are presented as guides and aides in the study of the Latin language.

Latin Is Fun: Book 1 and Latin Is Fun: Book 2 by John Traupman are incremental courses with habitual practice and reviews designed for the average student.  Latin grammar and vocabulary are fun through the use of charming stories about Roman culture, history, and mythology.  The Ecce Romani series gradually introduces new grammatical concepts and vocabulary to the high school student by implementing new material in simple stories.

Latin Made Simple is a condensed guide to Latin for the adult self-learner.  While the grammatical explanations are clear and this book covers the complete Latin grammar, the Latin language will always remain complex and is not “made simple.”  The popular Wheelock’s Latin is the main textbook used today for college and university Latin courses.  However, this book can only enhance a student’s previous study of Latin or be used as a general review of the language.

Although the above mentioned books can provide a student with a solid foundation in the Latin language, a complete and perfected textbook for Latin is yet to be written.

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