Review: “Stuart Little” by E.B. White

Stuart Little is a beloved family member in the Little household.  It is surprising that he is a mouse with human abilities, but none of the characters in the story seem shocked by this fact.

With the intelligence of a human and the stature of a mouse, Stuart is quite capable of surviving exciting adventures.  One day he is accidentally locked in the refrigerator, and the next day he is the captain of a miniature boat, sailing it in a boat race on the lake of Central Park.  Every day of Stuart’s life is a never-ending journey.  When he falls in love with a beautiful bird whose life he has saved, Stuart makes a bold decision to venture into the world on his own and find her.  Aided by a car with the power of turning invisible at will, Stuart’s itinerary involves a momentous temporary position as a substitute teacher.

Stuart Little was the achievement of a writer who had never written any novels for children before.  E.B. White’s style is unique and his approach toward his young readers in his novel defines how well he understood children.  The contribution of his own philosophy of life strengthens the story’s morals and wisdom.  He emphasizes the discovery of the truth, which is also a major belief in Platonic philosophy.  The author gravely notes that virtue and compassion are attributes seldom found in this world, and that wisdom is often ignored by humans.  Stuart’s love, devotion, and bravery embody his humanity, and his physical size is irrelevant to the greatness of his soul.  Perhaps White was suggesting by Stuart’s character that humans are large in size, but their own humanity is much less than Stuart’s.

Original review: Part 1: The masterpieces of E.B. White,


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