Review: “Waiting for You” by Susane Colasanti

Life in a small town in modern Connecticut is too tranquil for Marisa, the fifteen year-old narrator of Waiting for You.  She hopes that her upcoming sophomore year will be exciting, and that she will find that person she has been waiting for.

 However, Marisa’s sophomore year becomes more eventful than she even imagined.  Her growing friendship with the “boy next door,” Nash, gets complicated when he declares his feelings for her.  Her best friend, Sterling, gets compromised when Marisa gets into a romantic relationship with the popular Derek.  To make matters worse, Marisa’s own family breaks apart when her parents decide to separate and have new relationships.  Nevertheless, Marisa finds some consolation in listening to the mysterious radio host named “Dirk,” whose wisdom and perception are astounding.  Through all the entanglements of her personal relationships, Marisa struggles through her depressions, her anxiety disorder, and life’s numerous complications.  Meanwhile, she slowly realizes that everything she has been waiting for has been in front of her all along.

Susane Colasanti skillfully portrays the modern teenager’s world by her convincing use of modern vocabulary and language.  The essence of youth within the novel invigorates the story, and one can relate to the realistic problems that Marisa faces as an adolescent.  Humorous and poignant moments flourish in Waiting for You, making it one of the best modern novels for young adults.

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