Review: “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen

Jane Austen chose to compare wisdom, practicality, and common sense with romanticism and impulsiveness in her novel, Sense and Sensibility.  Moreover, she displays this comparison by focusing on her heroines, two sisters opposite in character and temperament.

Eighteenth century England, its numerous counties, and its diverse landscapes complete the setting, while the echelon of the upper and middle classes are strongly contrasted to demonstrate their differences and similarities.  The author’s rich vocabulary and fluent use of the English language astound the reader into respect for her intelligence and wit.  The plot itself is unique and very different from any of the author’s other storylines, but Austen descriptively portrays the difficulties present for women at that time.  Many characters in Pride and Prejudice are parallel to those in Sense and Sensibility.  However, the idea of a bourgeois family suddenly losing their fortune and being forced to survive on almost a poverty level is strikingly realistic.

Original review: Jane Austen’s first novel,


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