Review: “Dragon Kiss” by E.D. Baker

Dragon Kiss is the seventh and penultimate volume in the Tales of the Frog Princess series.

Surprisingly, E.D. Baker has chosen the character of Audun from The Dragon Princess to be the main character in this novel; he develops into the unprecedented hero of the storyline, despite its many new characters.  This is an unusual variation, since the author has featured her female characters to be the heroes of her previous novels.  Nevertheless, the story begins where its predecessor stopped.

Audun is an ice dragon who met Princess Mille (the daughter of Emma and Eadric) during her travels in The Dragon Princess.  He realizes that he has fallen in love with her.  Naturally, Audun decides to pursue Millie, especially when he discovers that his love is returned.  His quest is initiated by a test of worth—in order to transform himself into a human, he must be prepared to sacrifice his life as a dragon to be with Millie.  With plenty of adventures along the way, Audun joins the cast of the series and is established by his creator as an important individual with a unique personality.

A dragon’s life and its world are given undivided attention in the plot, but Audun truly is the focus of Dragon Kiss, for almost all other characters, including Millie, have only brief appearances in the story.  New magical creatures as well as familiar ones are involved in Audun’s journeys.  It is good to see that the love between Emma and Eadric has not weakened over the years, a detail that the author momentarily emphasizes.  Moreover, E.D. Baker’s magical world is empowered with more descriptions of new countries and landscapes throughout the novel.  A Prince Among Frogs is the eighth and final volume in this delightful series.

Original review: Part 7: ‘Tales of the Frog Princess’,


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