Review: “Dragon’s Breath” by E.D. Baker

Dragon’s Breath is the second volume in the Tales of the Frog Princess which successfully continues the story begun in The Frog Princess.

Princess Emma and Prince Eadric are finally both human again and safe in Greater Greensward.  However, the growing romance between Emma and Eadric is interrupted by new problems.  First, Emma’s magic goes berserk and is turning her and Eadric into frogs every time she sneezes, an occurrence that always happens at the wrong moment.  Next, Emma’s Aunt Grassina has found her beloved suitor Haywood; unfortunately, he is still under a spell cast by Grassina’s mother.  Grassina is determined to break the spell, but the “formula” that can release Haywood requires some very unusual ingredients.  Even though Emma and Eadric volunteer to help Grassina find them, matters are made worse by the cantankerous grandmother, who will do everything in her power to prevent her daughter from saving Haywood.  Meanwhile, spies have trespassed on Greater Greensward when the Green Witch was preoccupied and a forgotten enemy is raising an army with the help of a mysterious wizard.  Can Emma and Eadric save Haywood without sacrificing Greater Greensward?

In Dragon’s Breath, E.D. Baker expands the magical world that Greater Greensward belongs to.  She also summons forth more magical creatures and beings to be inhabitants in her fantastic settings, from beautiful mermaids and clumsy giants to enormous spiders and friendly dragons.  Of course, the author portrays her magical elements in innovative and surprising ways.  Although this novel is not based on any particular fairy tale, there are references within the storyline to various well-known stories, like Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.  In the midst of numerous, more complex adventures and humorous incidents, the spotlight remains on Emma and her talent as a witch.  As she learns to control her strong magic, Emma’s confidence in herself and her courage grow together with her independence.  However, the freedom she acquires is burdened by the new responsibility she must accept when she becomes the powerful Green Witch by an unlikely twist in events.  As entertaining as its predecessor, Dragon’s Breath is proven to be magical indeed by its talented author.

Original review: Part 2: ‘Tales of the Frog Princess’,


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