Review: “No Place for Magic” by E.D. Baker

Princess Emma of Greater Greensward and Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista are finally getting married!  Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony is going to take place in Upper Montevista instead of Greater Greensward.  If the prospect of meeting Eadric’s unfriendly mother again were not bad enough, Emma also has to deal with a kingdom strongly opposed to any kind of magic or magical creatures, especially witches.  The situation only worsens when Eadric discovers that his younger brother has been kidnapped.  Adventure is a certainty for Emma and Eadric as they search for the missing prince and uncover the mystery behind his disappearance.

No Place for Magic, the fourth volume in Tales of the Frog Princess, is the last novel in the series to have first-person narration by its heroine.  Although Emma’s family problems have been resolved, Emma’s own problems are far from being over.  In the new setting of Upper Montevista, a harsh environment that reflects the temperaments of its inhabitants, she must try to survive without her magic that she has come to rely upon.  Moreover, her trust in Eadric’s loyalty has to be strengthened before she can marry him.  Trolls, cockatrices, and a vampire village are just some of the magical obstacles that the protagonists have to overcome, but prejudice and fidelity are the realistic issues that the author chooses to focus on in this novel.  Combining reality and fantasy in another scintillating storyline, E.D. Baker’s No Place for Magic is a captivating addition to her series.

Original review: Part 4: ‘Tales of the Frog Princess’,


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