Review: “Once Upon a Curse” by E.D. Baker

Magical time travel and the complications of a family curse are the main highlights of Once Upon a Curse, the third volume in the series Tales of the Frog Princess.

As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Princess Emma becomes more anxious to find a solution to her family’s curse.  Cast by a fairy on Emma’s ancestor, the curse decrees that every woman of Greater Greensward’s royal family will lose her disposition and her beauty if she touches any flower after her sixteenth birthday.  Emma’s Aunt Grassina and grandmother Olivene are already victims, and they both make life miserable for all residents of Greater Greensward.  Despite her powerful status as the Green Witch and a Dragon Friend, Emma must find the solution to the curse outside of her time and travel into her family’s past.

The author features familiar characters in Once Upon a Curse, and she fills in the gaps of Greater Greensward’s royal family tree with the inclusion of Emma’s ancestors in the Dark Ages.  Eadric’s family from Upper Montevista is also introduced to the reader for the first time when they come to Greater Greensward to finalize Emma’s and Eadric’s engagement.   Vampires, werewolves, and harpies join E.D. Baker’s ensemble of magical creatures and beings in this novel.  Rhyming poetry continues to be reserved for all spells used by the characters, a noteworthy addition to all volumes in the series.  The idea of true, unconditional love is seriously pondered by different characters in the story, while time travel is visualized from an original and fantastical angle.

Original review: Part 3: ‘Tales of the Frog Princess’,


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