Review: “The Frog Princess” by E.D. Baker

In the kingdom of Greater Greensward, strong-willed Princess Emeralda (a.k.a. Emma) is in a constant dilemma.  She is trying to be the proper princess her parents want her to be while maintaining her personality and nurturing her interest in magic with her Aunt Grassina, the Green Witch.  When she learns of her involuntary engagement to a hated suitor, she escapes to her favorite hideaway, a nearby swamp.  Emma’s adventures begin by accidentally meeting a frog there—only this frog talks, and he claims to be an enchanted prince named Eadric.  One fateful kiss transforms a helpful act into a journey for both Eadric and Emma as they struggle to survive while searching for a “cure” to their unexpected predicament.

The first volume in the Tales of the Frog Princess series, The Frog Princess introduces many characters and magical settings that will continue to appear throughout the series.  E.D. Baker not only retells The Frog Prince in her novel with a clever twist but also develops her eventful story to extend beyond the romance in that fairy tale.  She focuses on her intelligent heroine’s odyssey, where Emma strengthens her own talent in magic and passes the first step toward her independence from her mother’s domination.  Magical creatures, magical beings, and talking animals all have a major part in the plot without being banal thanks to the author’s imagination and creativity.  Redefining the idea of a witch and a world filled with magic, The Frog Princess is an original fairy tale in itself that will delight all readers with its scintillating humor and gentle romance.

Original review: Part 1: ‘Tales of the Frog Princess’,


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