Review: “Shiloh Season” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Shiloh Season is the second volume in the Shiloh series which continues Marty Preston’s narrative.

Shiloh finally belongs to Marty.  However, Marty thought that he made peace with Judd Travers, but his problems with Judd are not over.  Judd has started drinking to excess, with serious consequences.  Running over the neighbors’ mailboxes and driving too fast are only the beginning.  After hard words are said between his family and Judd, Marty is worrying again about Shiloh’s safety, and, eventually, his own.

Through Marty’s experiences, the author ponders if anyone like Judd Travers can change his character for the better.  Judd’s depression leads him to put Shiloh and Marty in greater danger than in Shiloh, and Marty’s entire family suffers from Judd’s outbursts and actions.  Marty inwardly struggles with his hatred for Judd’s cruelty and his conflicting sympathy for Judd’s past.  The controversial debate over the power of forgiveness and justice masked as vengeance is strongly discussed by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor through Marty’s conscience as well as through new and familiar characters.  In Chapter 13, there is a memorable conversation between Marty and Doc Murphy about the importance of making moral choices and the difficulties that surround them.  The reader can marvel at the underlying wisdom of the author’s simple words while humor and the warm, familial setting soften the serious, realistic storyline.

Original review: Part 2: The ‘Shiloh’ trilogy,


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