Review: “Three Stories” by Paul Gallico

Three Stories, also entitled Three Legends, is a compilation of three poignant short stories by the same author, Paul Gallico.  Some of the prominent issues included in these stories are prejudice and spiritual blindness.

In The Snow Goose, a young girl and a deformed recluse are brought together by an act of mercy during the time of World War II.  In spite of popular standards for romance, Gallico explores the nature of true love and the concept of outward appearances in this controversial story.  The power of perseverance and faith is discussed in The Small Miracle through a touching narrative about a boy’s love for his donkey.  The main character’s harsh journey proves whether or not his faith in St. Francis of Assisi will be strong enough to cure his donkey’s illness, despite numerous difficulties.  The involvement of the Vatican within the storyline is an interesting addition to this tale.  Last but not least, Ludmila: A Legend of Lichtenstein is simply about an unfortunate cow’s prayer to a beloved saint and her miraculous answer.

Three Stories is focused on the childish faith of the young children involved in opposition to the severe incredulity of their elders.

Original review: Childish faith and resilient ‘caritas’,


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