Review: “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery created an imaginative and bright heroine in Anne Shirley, the lonely orphan who is sent to the Cuthberts in Prince Edward Island.

Anne’s wit and hilarious mishaps win over Matthew Cuthbert quickly, but his sister, Marilla, is very stubborn and hard to please.  Anne slowly attains a permanent home in the Cuthberts’ household, and her imagination soars as she excels in her studies.  Memorable characters like Rachel Lynde, Gilbert Blythe, and Anne’s best friend, Diana Barry, take part in Anne’s adventures and help liven the environment of Avonlea.  Matthew’s gentle and good-natured character serves as a mediator between Anne and Marilla, and Matthew keeps the household in harmony.  Marilla is less likable, given her practical and rigid character.  However, Marilla softens under Anne’s influence, and she grows to love the strong-willed orphan.  Although Anne of Green Gables was Montgomery’s first novel, she expressed Anne’s romantic views in a warm, eloquent style.

Original review: Who could forget reading ‘Anne of Green Gables’?,


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