Review: “Time Cat” by Lloyd Alexander

Lloyd Alexander made his debut in children’s literature with Time Cat: The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth.

There are many ideas about time travel, but no character in any novel has ever traveled through time by means of his magical and enigmatic cat.  A young boy named Jason is surprised when his pet cat, Gareth, literally starts speaking to him.  Nevertheless, Jason agrees to his cat’s conditions in exchange for a magical journey through time that extends through countries of the past.  Ancient Egypt, Rome, Ireland, and Renaissance Italy are a few of the settings that the two adventurers traverse.

Jason and Gareth make friends and foes as a result of superstition and prejudice; they even experience the talents of young Leonardo da Vinci and the kindness of Saint Patrick.  The author’s outlook on history and time travel itself demonstrates his keen understanding of human nature. Time Cat is a rewarding novel that teaches the reader to view history from different perspectives in order to see the truth.

Original review: Instead of a time machine for time travel, how about…a cat?,


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