Review: “Something Like Fate” by Susane Colasanti

A junior in high school, Lani deeply believes in the power of fate and she is an avid reader of astrology.  She also looks beyond her New Jersey hometown as a dedicated environmentalist to see the reverberating effects of her own actions as well as those of others.  It must have been providence that saved Lani and her best friend, Erin, from dying in a car accident when they were children.  And it also must be fate intervening that Lani meets Jason, who seems to be her soul mate in every way and more.  Unfortunately, there is a major problem.  Jason is Erin’s boyfriend, and the entire school knows it.  Lani feels like she’s betraying Erin by her growing attraction to Jason, but could she be fighting fate itself by denying her true feelings?

High school “hierarchy” and prejudice get an inside look in Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti.  The environmental causes that Lani promotes impact every aspect of her life, a factor that the author utilizes to give the novel a “greener” outlook that young adults can learn from.  Although Lani’s artistic nature and unique perspective are appealing, Something Like Fate lacks the charisma of Waiting for You.  It is a romance that centers on complex modern issues, but the characters of the story, with the exception of Lani, are not defined very well.

Nevertheless, Something Like Fate is not disappointing.  The story itself runs smoothly with Colasanti’s perceptive use of modern jargon and music recommendations.  The vivacious storyline and Colasanti’s quirky writing style are very engaging.  However, even with the author’s discussion of serious topics like fate and destiny, there just isn’t any motivating reason why Something Like Fate is a novel one would read more than once.

Original review: Susane Colasanti’s latest release is all about fate,


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