Review: “Towering” by Alex Flinn

One of my reviews that never made it to the Examiner…

Scribo, Ergo Sum

I’ve never really liked “Rapunzel.” Of all the popular fairy tales in existence, it is by far the most complicated one to retell. Walt Disney Studios tried to keep the story’s original “old world” setting, but the result was the film “Tangled,” bungled animation effectively ruining the sufficiently expanded storyline. I personally despise 3-D animation, but I suppose I’m one of the global few who was disappointed with Disney’s take on “Rapunzel.” Honestly, they could have done better ― the movie didn’t captivate me at all.

However, despite numerous attempts to envision a more detailed “Rapunzel” through novels, the fairy tale has to yet to be placed in a contemporary setting ― until “Towering” by Alex Flinn, which comes out on May 14, 2013. In the dark style of “Beastly,” she boldly steps forward and spins a mesmerizing mystery filled with inexplicable magic and secrets.

Rachel has…

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