Review: “A Prince Among Frogs” by E.D. Baker

A Prince Among Frogs is the eighth and final volume in E.D. Baker’s Tales of the Frog Princess series.  The author does not disappoint with this anticipated climax, and she creatively reunites most of her familiar characters from the entire series in a new storyline.  She also introduces a new character in Emma’s and Eadric’s newborn son, Felix.  Details about the royal families, magical creatures/beings, and the magical world that envelops them all are revealed for the first time.

At the beginning of A Prince Among Frogs, Millie and Audun are engaged.  However, their status quo could change as overwhelming chaos disturbs all involved kingdoms.  Greater Greensward and Upper Montevista are on good terms, but they must still share the magical help of the Green Witch (Emma) and her fellow witches.  When numerous problems occur simultaneously, Millie and Audun are in charge of the kingdom, a great responsibility considering how many magical mishaps plague Greater Greensward only moments after Millie’s parents and relatives leave.  As dragons, Millie and Audun help solve local troubles, but the kidnapping of Felix is too great a catastrophe.  The mysterious disappearance of both Millie’s parents and her great-aunt and great-uncle only confirms the formation of another quest.  Millie and her fiancé are determined to find Emma, rescue Felix, and discover the real reason behind these coinciding events…or are they planned?  The protagonists fight unmistakable (and recognizable) villains as the fate of Greater Greensward and the date for Millie’s and Audun’s wedding are at stake.

Whether in a sea adventure or a long flight over marshlands, Baker once again expands known borders and creates her own humorous and romantic fairy tale.  She provides the chance for readers to retrospect to The Frog Princess and survey Emma’s and Eadric’s personal journeys up to this final chronicle.  Moreover, Millie’s and Audun’s wedding finally welds the bonds among the royal families of Greater Greensward and Upper Montevista and all dragons.  A Prince Among Frogs is a fitting conclusion to the Tales of the Frog Princess series.

Original review: Tales of the Frog Princess’ now is a complete series,


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