Review: “The Reliance” by M.L. Tyndall

The Reliance is the sequel to The Redemption.  Set three years after the conclusion of its prequel, The Reliance centers again on the self-reliant character of Lady Charlisse Bristol Merrick and brings back familiar characters to life in a new historical plot.

Torn away from her husband under a contrived illusion of death, Charlisse is placed once again under the torturous domination of Captain Kent Frederick Carlton, Charlisse’s cousin and continued villain from The Redemption.  Her imprisonment upon Kent’s ship, the “Vanquisher,” is shared with a dishonored young girl named Lady Isabel Ashton.  Determined and courageous as ever, even Charlisse’s miscarriage does not stop her from attempting (and succeeding) to escape from Kent’s tyranny with her new friend.  Charlisse steps above her involuntary separation from Merrick and takes command of the “Redemption” by enforcing respect and obedience from his crew in the name of God. Bold and ready for action, Charlisse fights and cross-dresses her way across the Caribbean so that her reunion with her husband may end in happiness and not more bloodshed.

Interestingly, Tyndall presents The Reliance with even more feminism than in The Redemption.  Merrick takes his place as a lead character again, but this time his mentality is thrust into despair and grief over Charlisse’s supposed death; he rejects Christianity, falling from his character’s previous state of virtue.  Merrick then must reconnect to his moral conscience and struggle to conquer Captain Edward Collier, who is based on an actual pirate with the same name.  Renewing her eloquent writing style and piquant vocabulary, the author continues her exploration of pirates in the Spanish Main through major Caribbean towns and ports, but mostly via the eyes of Charlisse and Merrick.  Self-reliance is contrasted with reliance on God, and Tyndall demonstrates which choice is the most beneficial.  The Reliance is a lively and fulfilling follow-up to the histories of the characters in The Redemption, also ending the author’s journey with her beloved couple and preparing the faithful reader for the storyline of her final volume in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates trilogy.

Original review: Part 2: This trilogy is better than the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film trilogy,


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