Review: “Keep Holding On” by Susane Colasanti

Another of my reviews that never made it to the Examiner.

Scribo, Ergo Sum

Noelle is one of those lonely, abused, neglected teenagers you read about in newspaper reports.  Every single day, school attendance is torture.  Being bullied by a psychopath named Carly, enduring food smacks and taunts from well-to-do Warner, and enduring the hatred of a neglectful mother are the tip of the pain iceberg for Noelle.  People discriminate against her because she’s very, very poor.  The only bright spots of happiness in her life, the things she lives on when she’s hungry or humiliated, are her self-made mobiles, her love for art, her best friend Sherae, and her crush on cool Julian Porter.  But you can never escape reality.  No matter how much you cling to your unlimited imagination or your talents, it’s so hard sometimes to keep holding on.  And when the quality of her reality reaches a “horrocious” level of unbearable, Noelle has to make the ultimate choice: quit for good or trudge on forever.

One of the…

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