Review: “The Goddess Inheritance” by Aimée Carter

Another of my reviews that never made it to the Examiner.

Scribo, Ergo Sum

It’s going to happen in exactly one month from today — Aimée Carter’s final volume in her Goddess trilogy will hit bookshelves on February 26.  And believe it or not, as a book reviewer and a follower of this series, I’m at a loss for words when my mind travels over my reaction to book #3, so I’ll chronicle my thoughts in pieces.

“The Goddess Inheritance” is climatic, the apex of the triangle of Greek myth retellings that Carter’s been slowly building.  Cronus plays a bigger part than ever in the storyline, and the war with a vengeful, insane Calliope/Hera has to end one way or another.  Kate finally delivers her child.  The secret of who Kate’s birth father is comes out (Greek myth fans, you know the answer to this one already).  And Henry is unleashed, so to speak, his full power breaking free and transforming into a figurative storm…

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