Review: “The Selection” by Kiera Cass

Another of my reviews that never made it to the Examiner.

Scribo, Ergo Sum

I admit: what attracted me to “The Selection” was its front cover.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t judge any book by its cover, but those gorgeous, fluffy blue dresses intrigued me.  I kept wondering what kind of story hid behind such an unusual look.  It’s almost like “Cinderella.” Illéa  But there’s a catch: the plot’s set in a dystopian society with a new division of the classes, and its heroine is no Cinderella.

Set in a post-apocalyptic United States, renamed Illéa, America Singer is a musician working hard to support her family. She also happens to be in love with a guy who’s beneath her “caste” level. Then the event of a lifetime happens: the Selection, where thirty-five girls are chosen for a contest. The prize: Prince Maxon and becoming Queen of Illéa. America just wants to marry Aspen, but in a twist of fate, she is selected. Now…

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