Review: “A City of Broken Glass” by Rebecca Cantrell

Another review I never managed to post on the Examiner…

Scribo, Ergo Sum

The front cover of "A City of Broken Glass"

After I closed the pages of A Game of Lies, I immediately wanted to know what would happen next to Hannah Vogel and especially to her relationship with Lars Lang.  Would Hannah choose Boris over Lars?  How would Anton react to Lars?  My main theory was, though, that something indeed would happen to Lars on his trip to Russia…but that he had to be reunited with Hannah again no matter what.  Therefore, my eyes were widely open and my jaw dropped open when I read the newly released synopsis for A City of Broken Glass.  I literally had to stop myself from jumping up and down and screaming “yes!” ecstatically.

Hannah and Anton are in Poland to catch a story.  They never dreamed of witnessing the deportation of Polish Jews from Germany on the way.  Or meeting a very alive Lars after believing him to be dead for…

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