Review: “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

After reading The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire, a short story featuring the legendary Sherlock Holmes, it is hard to believe that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a spiritualist.  It actually sounds like he was anything but, openly mocking the occult and anything to do with it in this very Halloween-like tale.

In it, Sherlock Holmes must use his detective skills to solve the mysterious circumstances surrounding one family living in the title district of England.  A husband suspects his wife of being a vampire after seeing her “draw blood” by mouth from their infant’s neck.  As always, Holmes and Dr. Watson find more sinister motives beneath the appearances of normalcy and tracks down the real cause of the incident.

Swift and to the point, Doyle laughs at the very idea of vampires and the notion that someone would have to survive on blood to remain immortal.  As always, Doyle demonstrates that there is a reasonable explanation behind everything and that nothing is coincidental.  Displaying Holmes’ signature intelligence together with Watson’s romantic overview, this rare analysis of the supernatural within the canon of Sherlock Holmes stories and novels is witty and mysterious, suspenseful and appropriately eerie.

Original review: Part 1: One story a day for Halloween,


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