Review: “Scarlet Moon” by Debbie Viguié

The paranormal genre in literature seems to have made quite a comeback, although the concept of the supernatural always has interested the general public.  With young adult novels, vampires, ghosts, angels, and demons have made it to the bestseller list and have been accepted by millions of readers with open arms.  However, even in this over-commercialized group of crowd pleasers is the worst of the worst, books with a horror twist or paranormal echo that just fail miserably to be anything better than laughably terrible, both in terms of imbalanced themes and sappy romance.

Unfortunately, Scarlet Moon is one of these.  Somehow, Debbie Viguié retold Little Red Riding Hood with werewolves and gore, but made even the graphic horror sound ridiculous and explicit to the point of disgust.  The romance brewing in the story is so sexual and “passionate” that it is nauseating, since the author has detailed descriptions of her heroine’s simultaneous fear of and attraction to a werewolf.  The mystery is perhaps worth a taste, but exaggerated scenes of affection and extremely close physical contact between the main characters leave little room for genuine shock, suspense, or thrills.  The outward displays of sexual tension and desire belong in a cheap romance novel, not in a take on Little Red Riding Hood where the girl in red is a blacksmith with an attitude.

Very violent and psychotic, Scarlet Moon features issues like insanity, cannibalism, and brutal murder next to first love and family loss.  It’s so unproportional, both in regards to content and plot, that the only place for this “bad romance” is in the trash.

Original review: One of the worst werewolf romances ever conjured from a fairy tale,


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