A bit of (her)story

In January 2010, I signed up to be a writer for Examiner.com, or as they became known, the Examiner.  For two and a half years, until the spring of 2012, I wrote over 600 reviews in total as a book and movie critic, publishing them regularly on a weekly basis.

This is my book review blog.  All of the book reviews I wrote for the Examiner belong exclusively to me, and it is here that I have archived them, presenting them to the public as I have always wanted.  Links to the original reviews, on their Examiner webpages, are listed beneath every post. [UPDATE, 02/23/17]: However, as of July 2016, the Examiner site was shut down and all related webpages, including my reviews, were deleted without notifying me.  Links to their site no longer exist or work.

I am also sharing book reviews that were posted exclusively on my personal blog, which has been permanently archived.

Thank you for choosing to read my critiques, and I hope you continue to love literature enough to read about it.  If you have any questions about my reviews, the books themselves, or you’d just like to talk, find me on Goodreads or message me through my Contact page.

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